How to Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance

Being an adult can make things complicated. When you’re a kid, you have less responsibility. Becoming an adult means that, except for the lucky few, you have to work to earn a living. Work can be tiring and time-consuming. Taking enough time out of work to recharge is important for yourself and those around you. … Read more

Time Management Tips for Busy Work-at-Home Moms

Time management for work-at-home moms can be extremely challenging. Work-at-home moms (WAHMs) must not only juggle taking care of the family but also managing a telecommuting job or a home business. On the positive, working at home means you get to spend more time with your kids, and less time stuck in a car commuting … Read more

How to Practice Meditation for Women – Easy to Apply Tips

Meditation has tremendous benefits for women, including stress relief, anxiety reduction, and a clearer mind. One of the biggest challenges is finding a time and a place to do meditation without distractions. This is especially difficult if you are raising kids and pulled in various directions with work and home responsibilities. Meditation does not need … Read more

Opportunities for Women’s Leadership Training

Taking a women’s leadership training can be a life-changing experience. You can make new friends, learn new things, and get a brand-new perspective on your life and career. Certainly, you might get a lot from a co-ed leadership development training. But a report in the Harvard Business Review showcased that these programs can shortchange women. … Read more

Top Women in Business: Arden | Mason | Barra | Goddard | Johnson

Women in business are more than movers and shakers. They are creators, connectors, innovators, and pioneers. From the first African-American women who ran their own businesses post-slavery, to the women breaking ground in the Middle East today, businesswomen make a difference. They inspire, lead, and motivate young girls and women to succeed and thrive. 3 … Read more

Why Women Make Good Leaders – 6 Reasons

Why do women make good leaders? In fact, women aren’t just good leaders, some studies show they are better leaders than their male counterparts. This effectiveness increases as women age. According to the researchers of one landmark study, this is because women reported: “In order to get the same recognition and rewards, I need to … Read more