Opportunities for Women’s Leadership Training

Taking a women’s leadership training can be a life-changing experience. You can make new friends, learn new things, and get a brand-new perspective on your life and career.

Certainly, you might get a lot from a co-ed leadership development training. But a report in the Harvard Business Review showcased that these programs can shortchange women. They don’t focus on the things that would help women get ahead.

This is why a program focused on helping women specifically can be so invaluable.

If your company is offering to send you to a women’s leadership program, take them up on the offer! Even if the course isn’t the best one yet, the connections you make might be invaluable.

Choosing a leadership training program for women on your own can be confusing, however. How do you pick the right one?

3 Sources for Women’s Leadership Training

One of the first things to consider when looking at training, outside of cost and time commitment, is location. Do you need to fly there? Is it online? An online program in women’s leadership training can be helpful, but you may not make the same types of personal connections. (On the other hand, if the online program has a community component, you could make some friends around the world!)

Here are just a few women’s leadership programs to explore (note: we do not specifically endorse any of these programs):

1. Women Leading Change

The Institute for Women’s Leadership offers the Women Leading Change program. It focuses on helping participants develop their “untapped potential” as well as work through problems. It is available as an in-house program that you can bring to your company. They also offer open enrollment dates for the course periodically.

2. AMA’s Leadership Development for Women

The American Management Association offers a two-day leadership training at various locations throughout the United States on an ongoing basis. The training, which costs $2,195 for non-members, focuses on how to develop your personal competitive edge and take “smart risks.”

3. Stanford’s Executive Program for Women Leaders

Stanford University offers an Executive Program for Women Leaders. While potentially expensive for some at $13,500, this is an on-site certificate program that requires an application for admission. This program is designed for senior female leaders who have at least eight years of experience in leadership, executives and managers, entrepreneurs, and high-potential talent.

The program covers a variety of topics, from team effectiveness to negotiation, as well as how to overcome the specific barriers women face in the workplace.

Keep Training to Be an Effective Woman Leader

While it’s great to take one women’s leadership development training to improve your skills, consider making it an annual thing. Even if you go to the same workshop two years in a row, you are likely to learn new things and retain the information you missed the first time. Professional development should be an ongoing process. We don’t just learn once and then stop. Keep on learning and growing to watch your career soar.

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