The PROs And CONs Of Vitamin C Serum – What You Need To Know

Vitamin C serum is a skin care product that is becoming more and more popular amongst women. If you aren’t using this product and want to know whether you should, continue reading to learn the pros and cons of vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C Serum is a topical serum made up of a high concentration of the antioxidant vitamin C for skin health. It is commonly used to prevent the visible effects of aging and has a wide range of benefits.

There are a widespread variety of vitamin c serums on the market that are combined with different ingredients for different specific purposes. You can typically find vitamin C serum in a dropper bottle, a small spray bottle, or mixed into a gel. Some people make their own vitamin C serum using distilled water, vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid), and glycerin.

  1. Start by washing your face with a face wash and warm water. Don’t dry your face after.
  2. If you use a toner, apply it now.
  3. Using your fingers, massage a small amount of the serum into your face and neck.
  4. Apply a moisturizer or sunscreen.
  5. Do this process once in the morning and once at night.

People rave about vitamin C Serum and claim it is a necessity for everyone’s skin routine. Here are some of the reasons why this product is so popular.

There is no doubt that Vitamin C is good for our bodies. You have likely heard the benefits of ingesting vitamin C supplements or having a diet high in vitamin C. The benefit of a vitamin C serum is that you get all these benefits in a highly concentrated amount. Additionally, by applying this serum topically to your face, you can harness its effects for promoting healthy skin.

While there are other face products that can have some of the same properties of vitamin C serum, few products can claim they are completely natural. In contrast, vitamin C serum is a natural product that is free of harsh chemicals that might do more harm than good. As a result, even people with sensitive skin can use vitamin C serum and feel assured it won’t irritate their skin if used in moderate amounts.

Vitamin C serum helps reverse lines and wrinkles as well as preventing them. One of the main benefits of vitamin C is that it boosts collagen production. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic and youthful looking. As people age, collagen production drops resulting in wrinkles and fine lines that make them appear older. Luckily, increasing this protein reverses the natural effects of aging and prevents your skin from sagging in the first place.

 Vitamin C Serum also helps even out your skin tone and brightens your complexion. If you suffer from uneven skin, discoloration, or under eye circles, you’ll notice a difference once you start applying this antioxidant.

If you suffer from acne, dryness, inflammation, or other blemishes on your face, you may understand how difficult it is to find a product that actually works. It’s especially hard to find something that can handle all these issues at once. In this way, vitamin C serum is like a miracle ointment.

 Vitamin C serum has healing properties that can assist your body in its natural healing process. Vitamin C can help your acne disappear faster and can help get rid of any scars or dark spots that are left behind. Vitamin C is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce any puffiness or swelling in your face. This serum may also give your body what it needs to keep your skin hydrated. If you suffer from dry skin that doesn’t get better with any moisturizer, vitamin C serum can help keep your skin moisturized all day long.

Although vitamin C serum will not replace sunscreen, it aids in protecting you from the sun’s rays. UVA and UVB rays can be damaging to our skin and antioxidants help fight against the free radicals that are created by harmful sources. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that effectively prevents your skin from being damaged by the sun. People often mix this serum with their sunscreen to boosts its effects.

Even if you do get sunburnt, vitamin C serum helps your body to heal faster. It may also help you feel more comfortable while your body rebuilds by providing relief from any pain or itchiness your sunburn might cause.

While you might assume that such a beneficial product will be extremely expensive, there are plenty of high-quality vitamin C serums that cost less than $20. There are some serums that are priced much higher, but you don’t need to spend that much to benefit from the serum. Plus, it only takes small amounts of the serum each time you use it, so it can last you a long time.

Although vitamin C serum is overall a great product to add to your face routine, there are a few cons you should be aware of.

Choosing a decent vitamin C serum can be tough when not all products are created the same. There are several forms of the serum on the market with the most common and effective type being L-ascorbic acid. However, this type of ointment is highly acidic and can potentially irritate very sensitive skin.

While there are other types to choose from, they are not typically as effective, and it may take longer to see results. If you do go with ascorbic acid, you should aim to find an ascorbic acid cream that has a pH below 3.5 for it to be the most beneficial.

 Also, serums come with different concentrations of vitamin C. You should try to find a serum that has at least a 10 percent concentration. Also, make sure to look at the ingredients list of every serum you consider. While some ingredients will help boost the vitamin C, other ingredients simply act as fillers and result in an ineffective serum.

Bad packaging and time both cause vitamin C serum to oxidize. If you notice that your ointment becomes cloudy and changes in appearance, smell, or texture, you need to throw it away. This is not the kind of product you can buy in bulk since vitamin C serum typically has a shelf life of six months to a year.

You may also want to pay attention to the packaging your serum comes in because it often affects how long it will be good for. Pipet applicators, for example, are a commonly used in vitamin C serums but they allow for a lot of air exposure. You want a container that will let in the least amount of air and light possible. So, you need a container that seals completely and is in an opaque or amber-colored bottle.

When shopping for a vitamin C serum, you may find that some of the absolute best products can cost close to $200. While vitamin C serum is a great product, it seems ridiculous to spend over $100 on any product that you just rub onto your face. Although you want an ointment with great ingredients, a low pH, and a high concentration of Vitamin C, you may have to search to find a product that has all these features for the lowest price possible.

Everyone’s skin is different, and some people can be much more sensitive to face products than others. Vitamin C serum is often fine for sensitive skin, but it is a powerful product and should not be overused. When you first start using vitamin C serum, it is a good idea to use very small amounts and not to use the product every day. This can allow you to see how the product works with your face and gives your skin time to adjust to the serum. If you do experience a lot of irritation, you should try reviewing the ingredients again and possibly try a new serum.

Overall, vitamin C serum is a great product that anyone would benefit from. Who doesn’t want young-looking, flawless skin that is protected from the sun’s harmful rays? The pros definitely outweigh the cons of this product. Just remember that not all vitamin C serums are the same and some products might have small amounts of vitamin C and large amounts of filler ingredients that don’t actually help you at all. Read the labels before you purchase any serum and test it out on your skin before going out.

Once you find a vitamin C serum that works for you, you’ll love the way your skin glows.

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