How to Make a Difference as a Woman in 3 Ways

Everyone wants to find some sort of meaning in life. You may be wondering how to make a difference as a woman.

Often, this question comes up along with musings about life purpose. But, consider that you can still make a difference, even if you are unclear about the purpose of your entire life.

Ask yourself: What can I do now to make a difference?

How would I like to make a difference?

By asking these questions, you can start to find things to inspire and motivate you as you work to create change in the world.

3 Ways You, as an Empowered Woman, Can Make a Difference

Here are just a few ways you can make a difference. Even small things can help make the world a much better place, as you inspire others to “pay it forward.”

1. Mentor a Girl Who Needs Guidance

If you are asking the question about being a woman who makes a difference, you likely care about women’s issues and want women and girls to succeed. One way you can make a tremendous impact is by mentoring an at-risk youth such as a teenage girl who lives on the “wrong side of the tracks.”

Through programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, you can develop an amazing relationship with the girl you are mentoring. You can help her learn and grow, and become friends for a lifetime. This is also an excellent option for women who don’t have their own children.

2. Start Your Own Business

By starting your own business, you can create your very own “corporate culture” that can pledge to break barriers such as the glass ceiling. If you aren’t thrilled with the corporate greed out there, you can create an alternative that is more humane and does something good and amazing in the world.

For example, Jennifer Robins turned to a Paleo diet after recovering from a decades-long chronic illness. She, then, founded the Legit Bread Company, which makes healthy gluten-free bread options. With her company, she is providing nourishment to many people who have gluten and other allergies.

3. Found Your Own Non-Profit or Co-Op

While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s not necessarily impossible. You could start a non-profit organization to help battered women in your community.

Or, consider founding a co-op, which is a member-owned business. Co-ops are often found as health food stores, but be creative. What if your apartment complex was a co-op? Or how about a car-sharing co-op?

By enlisting friends and others for help, you can do much more than you might have done alone.

How Can You Make a Difference as a Woman?

You don’t have to come up with a plan to immediately end world hunger to make a difference. You can start small and just help at the local soup kitchen for starters. Lots of volunteer opportunities are available in your local community. They will provide free training, and you get to make new friends and do some good in the world. The biggest challenge is finding the time – but it will be well worth it.

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