International Women's Day: Learn the History and How to Celebrate

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. This day is a chance to reflect on the progress women have made toward gender equality, representation, and ending discrimination. It’s also a time for empowering women and celebrating those who have had the courage, including ordinary women and men, to fight … Read more

What Does Gender Equality Look Like Now?

We’ve come a long way. Women have worked hard to stand up for their fundamental rights and demand equality with men. From the right to vote to equal pay, women slowly realize their worth as valued and legitimate members of society. Let’s take a look at gender equality and how it’s defined in our modern … Read more

Empowered | The Empowered Me

Have you always wanted to see yourself with a flatter stomach? Maybe you just want to get stronger because you heard having strong abs will relieve back pain. No matter what your motivation might be, you’re not alone. We have listed some of the ab exercises for women… Are you at risk for diabetes? Here … Read more