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Some days are more stressful than others, and you need a reliable bra whether the day calls for a sports bra, a t-shirt bra, or maybe one that feels as if you aren’t wearing a bra at all. Ideally, you would have all while still maintaining some kind of support and comfort; especially for women with larger breasts, support is a real necessity regardless of the style. But, whether you are a 34DDD or a 34A, the right bra is a must-have for not only the support, comfort and shape they provide, but it is good for your physical health. This comfort is easily attainable if you know where to look. Try starting with this Dream by Genie Bra review and the compared products below.

Genie Bra is a brand of women’s underwear and was an ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ product. These bras serve many unique purposes, but the ultimate focus is comfort. They have mostly positive reviews on their product quality, support, and comfort. They are specially equipped to prevent rolling, irritations from wires, straps, hooks, or thick seems.

The Dream by Genie Bra offers a heavenly combination of features to provide comfort with real integrity of a bra. This is a bra worn when comfort is your top priority. There is no adjusting straps, struggling with hooks, or discomfort due to thick seams. Features and additional information are available below within the Dream by Genie bra review.

This bra offers a fully stretchable fit to your natural shape. Enjoy an entirely seamless bra that slips on and gently caresses your entire shape. Straps don’t feature adjustments for even more comfort. This includes hooks for adjusting the size of the bust, and wires usually placed under each cup. This fabric is machine washable and woven for plenty of stretching for maximum comfort, even in the cups of the bra itself.

It is also entirely seamless to conform to your natural cup shape and custom capabilities for the level of support with small pouches in each side. Add any pad shape or size to the pouches for personal support. Don’t mistake this for a sports bra, because there is no support at all. Wear the Dream to sleep or lounge in; it’s perfectly comfortable for basic support.

While this bra provides seamless comfort and some basic support, this product does not offer the same support as a sports bra. Truly, this bra is meant for comfort and prevents rolling when sitting down or bending over. While you can add or remove padding, this bra is not a push-up, lifting, or cup size boosting bra. You can technically consider this a t-shirt bra, for the seamless fit to your figure, preventing rolling edge cups and at the under bust.

The Dream by Genie Bra is available on Amazon for up to approximately $20 (depending on selected size or color), which also applies to all the products we will compare with the Dream by Genie bra review. Overall, products here can range from approximately $10 – $70, according to brand, size, and/or style specification.

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to our Dream by Genie bra review.


Specifically designed as a bra for maximum comfort and minimalistic support, the entire bra is consistently seamless and constructed for the average lounging or t-shirt bra. This is sort fabric that caresses and conforms to both your cup size and your overall personal fit.

A perfect blend of Nylon and spandex, this bra offers what the manufacturer refers to as ‘Everlast,’ a woven comfort stretch fabric. A fabric made to be soft, but perfectly stretch and adjust to your specific shape while maintaining seamless stability that stays put all day every day. Dream by Genie Bra reviews believes their unique fabric is the secret to completely weightless comfort.

The material used for this product is designed for stretching and flexibility. Additionally, the fabric in this bra will never lose its shape or elasticity. Keeping up that perfect fit and consistent comfort assures a long life expectancy both in interest and condition. The flawless fit of the first use of a bra will last and keep you looking perfectly sculpted through every wear, wash, and dry.

The Dream by Genie Bra provides around a dozen features for their perfectly seamless t-shirt bra. No need for adjustments of any kind. No rolling or moving throughout the day, including maintaining the natural shape of your body, cup, and under-bust. This bra is seamless, comfortable, stretches all around, and provides pouches for adding pads for more or less support and coverage.

The Glamorize Magic Lift bra is a great candidate for larger breasts due to being shaped with padded bands for the lift, separation, and support. This comfortable bra even includes a wide band at the bottom to prevent the bra from riding or rolling up. The straps are lined with a soft foam padding to keep them in place and comfortable.

The overall comfort of this bra is ideal for women with larger breasts. However, this does not affect the quality or level of comfort this bra provides. Lined with a soft foam padding for maximum lightweight comfort, no wires, and cushioned straps keep everything in place while remaining comfortable.

Combines Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane, to support full figured or plus size women. This brand specializes in women’s plus size bras and has been perfecting their craft for almost 100 years. Details include a satin-like appearance and simple lace sections over the cups. Wide soft straps are adjustable, without the slipping or digging of average adjustable straps. This product must be hand-washed and is not suitable for a washing machine.

While this bra prioritizes comfort, it is not as flexible or stretchy as the Dream by Genie Bra. But, its lack of wires for any kind of support provides a malleable fit for plus-sized and full-figured women. This is for those with larger breasts in need of support without the pain of digging straps and wires.

There are fewer features offered with this bra compared to others. But, if you are a full-figured woman, this bra is an ideal candidate that offers soft straps, no wires, a cushioned lift and separation, comfort in everyday outfits, and no riding or rolling up of the under-bust strap. These features or lack thereof, do not affect or discredit this great product or its comfort and quality.

A push-up bra that really offers a boost to your cup size and compliments the natural form of your breasts. Wear it like a traditional bra or cross the straps to make it a razorback. All straps are adjustable and comfortable, including the hook and eye closure for the bust.

While this might seem like every other push-up bra, it provides way more comfort and soft support than the average push-up bra. This design does not sacrifice its comfort or support to only accommodate a larger appearing cup size. Alternatively, you can cross the straps to provide a razor back style look.

A classic push-up bra with a combination of Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester for a serious ego boost for you AND your breasts. It’s perfect for most tank tops and low cut shirts. This bra’s name accurately describes the product and the confidence boost that comes with it. Despite its underwire and padding, this is machine washable on a default gentle or delicate cycle.

While most of this bra is, in fact, stretchable, the cup padding, and underwires don’t really offer the same elasticity and manipulation for comfort as the Dream by Genie Bra. However, it provides leeway with the shoulder straps and the under-bust strap with a traditional hook and eye closure.

Features of this product begin and end at its quality push-up performance. It only features soft padding for an increase in cleavage and cup size. While this bra is ideal for those in search of a simple push-up bra, it does not provide the same full features as those noted in the Dream by Genie Bra review.

Renowned underwear brand Maidenform, presents their ‘One Fab Fit’ t-shirt bra. Sharing a very similar comfort and elasticity as our first product while still providing the support of under-wire. The cups lay smoothly and provide a plunging neckline to give a seamless look in t-shirts that have low-cut or v-neck style necklines.

Soft thin padding cloaked in nylon and elastane fabric to provide full coverage all around. Despite under-wire cups, it is only for support without padding. The straps also lay smooth on your shoulders without digging in. However, it does not provide the same comfort as the bra described in our Dream by Genie bra review.

Nylon and Polyester offer support without padding and elasticity without the entire bra being stretchable. However, this form-fitting bra is perfect under t-shirts or thinned material shirts. It is perfect material for a comfortable and reliable t-shirt bra. This bra is ideal for any cup size and provides form-fitting comfort.

This bra provides naturally form-fitting coverage for any cup size. They design t-shirt bras like this for comfort and smooth, seamless coverage. The straps and under-bust strap with a hook and eye closure provide the ability to adjust the fit of the bra. This bra provides under-wire supported cups and adjustable straps, which is contrary to our featured Dream by Genie Bra review product.

Featuring smooth coverage with no rolling or spillage of the cups, all straps are fully adjustable with a traditional hook and eye closure. Those levels start at your chosen bust size, 34′ for example, and provides the additional inches to tighten or loosen the bra. But, overall, it’s a bra designed for comfort, a natural fit, and support.

Reliable and comfortable bras are hard to find, considering that women all have unique figures and breast shapes. Since no bra in existence can do absolutely everything perfectly in every outfit, for every woman. For the best comfort, support, and quality. When compared to its competition, the Dream by Genie Bra is far more comfortable and proves it is the most ideal for its desired smooth fit under any shirt.

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