Best Protein Powder for Women Weight Loss: Keeps You Fit and Healthy

Most women would say they would like to lose a few pounds, even if they already look fantastic.

You sometimes can’t help feeling self-conscious about your body, but you know what will make you look and feel better?

Protein powder.

This handy supplement works wonders for women’s weight loss, but of course, some protein powders stand out.

Protein powders are nutritional supplements most commonly associated with body builders and serious athletes. People think the powders are for only extreme cases of bulking up, but this is not the case.

Protein powders are, as the sound, very concentrated amounts of protein.

This protein comes from animal or plant foods such as dairy, eggs, rice of peas. It is then concentrated into a powder for optimum health results.

Protein is of course beneficial to the body because it keeps you energized and satiated. You’re full enough to feel satisfied, but still have energy to keep moving and exercising.

As many people believe, protein powder does help tack on muscle mass, but there’s more to it than that.

Protein powder is helpful for weight loss as well.

This is because there are different forms, and certain protein powders help retain lean muscle, which keeps you fit and healthy rather than big and muscly.

There are seven main types of protein powder, each originating from a different source.

Whey protein is the most popular and varied type of protein, and can aid in weight loss for women.

Your muscles absorb this type of protein very quickly, as it contains tons of essential amino acids, needed for healthy digestion and tissue repair.

These amino acids help in speeding up your metabolism and keeping you feeling full for longer. This prevents you from snacking throughout the day, and also helps strengthen your energy before, during, or after a workout.

This protein type improves body composition quite a bit, by decreasing fat mass while also increasing lean mass.

Whey protein also helps women lose weight because it is pretty tasty.

Now, you probably won’t enjoy whey on its own, but the many different flavored powders are wonderful when mixed into a drink such as a shake or smoothie. You won’t feel like you’re consuming chalky powder. Rather, there will just be an extra healthy kick to your yummy refreshment.

With dozens of flavors to choose from, there’s a whey protein for everyone’s taste.

Besides, you probably won’t mind gulping down some whey protein, especially when you see how it helps keep you feeling satisfied and looking lean.

2. Egg Protein Powder – A Quality Option

Eggs and egg whites are a great source of protein on their own, but even more so when in a powdered form.

It is best to have egg white protein powder, because this gives you all the benefits of a boost of protein without adding unnecessary carbohydrates and fat found in the yolk of the egg.

Plus, the egg white naturally has more protein than the yolk anyway.

However, eating just the egg whites will not keep you feeling as full as if you had the whole egg. Egg white protein powder may not help decrease appetite as some other protein powders, but it is easily digested and will not add numbers to the rest of your diet calculations.

As far as taste, egg white protein powder does come in a few flavors, all of which are easily mixed into your morning health drink.

While not as many variations of flavor as whey protein powder are offered, what really matters is that egg protein powder is still a great option for women’s weight loss.

3. Casein Protein Powder – Helps Reduce Fat Mass

Casein protein powder is a great complement to whey protein, as both are found in milk but react differently in your body.

Casein protein differs from other protein powders in that it breaks down much more slowly in your body, which allows your system to utilize it for a much longer period of time. This ensures long lasting effects and potential weight loss for women.

Studies show that casein protein helps reduce fat mass, and women tend to store more fat than men. This means a regular dose of casein protein powder for women will help them slim down while still retaining lean muscle mass.

Casein is dairy-based, so this protein will not be the best bet for vegans, but it is a great source of amino acids.

A healthy body holding all essential nutrients will be much more likely to lose weight.

4. Soy Protein Powder – Brings Down Cholesterol Levels

Soy protein powder is perfect for those women looking to add a vegetarian supplement to their diet.

Soy contains essential amino acids and has the added benefit of helping to bring down cholesterol levels and promote cardiovascular health. It’s super important to keep your heart healthy obviously, and this effective protein powder is an easy way to help do that.

Soy protein powder is typically unflavored, meaning, women looking to lose weight using protein powder can add it to any healthy snack or treat they like! This powder is a wonderful addition to your smoothies, shakes, yogurt, oatmeal or granola bars.

With its versatility and ability to curb appetite, this is definitely one of the best protein powders for women weight loss.

5. Pea Protein Powder – Decreases Blood Pressure

Pea protein powder is newer and less tested than other concentrated protein supplements, but its users have been extremely satisfied.

Pea protein will leave you feeling full while also decreasing your blood pressure. You will still get the essential amino acids your body needs, while maintaining a healthy diet. An added bonus is that pea protein lowers the risk of kidney disease.

As far as helping women lose weight, pea protein does the trick. It lowers levels of hunger hormones, meaning you will be less likely to feel hungry and reach for the unhealthy snacks.

All you need to do is supplement your diet with pea protein powder, and you’ll be on a weight loss journey in no time.

6. Hemp Protein Powder – A Complete Protein

Hemp protein powder is a good choice for those looking to build up energy. It is a complete protein, which means it contains all nine essential amino acids the body cannot produce on its own.

Hemp is very easy to digest and is a good source of fiber, added to its many benefits.

You do want to consider hemp’s taste when thinking about adding it to your diet. You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to have to force yourself to eat something yucky in order to do it.

Hemp can taste earthy and grassy, which definitely does not appeal to everyone. It’s also grittier so it mixes less well with water than other powders. Try sampling this protein powder before committing to buy it.

7. Organic Protein Powder – Suitable For Vegans

This plant-based protein powder has all the benefits you could possibly want from a protein powder. It acts as a nutritional supplement you can use every day and feel great on the inside. Each ingredient has a sole purpose, and unlike some protein powders on the market, this powder isn’t designed solely for taste or to get you addicted to the flavor.

As a result, Purely Inspired protein powder helps you to become more active throughout your day and provides you with long-lasting energy to power your everyday tastes. At the same time, there’s no junk food or chemicals incorporated into the powder to help you feel at your very best. Just one serving contains 7g fiber, a whopping 20g of protein, and less than 2g of sugar.

So, what does this incredible protein powder contain? Organic brown rice and pea protein. This protein powder’s purity and simplicity is one of the reasons is one of the best protein powder for women’s weight loss without leaving you feeling deprived of nutrients and hungry.

Finally, with a choice of chocolate or vanilla, you’ll satisfy your sweet cravings. You can also add a portion of powder to your daily fruit smoothies or incorporate into cooking recipes to increase your protein intake while ensuring your body has all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

Although you have now learned how each protein powder offers benefits for weight loss and healthy living, one stands out among the rest.

Whey protein is the best protein powder for women’s weight loss, because it has extreme versatility when added to a diet. Curbing your appetite, you will consume less food and still have the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle. Promoting lean muscle mass, you will be feeling strong, energetic, and satiated.

If you are a woman looking to lose weight, look no further than whey protein powder. You’ll surely be pleased with the results.

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