Best Deodorant for Women : Choose What is Best for You

By no means is deodorant a new phenomenon. Everyone sweats, and ever since ancient times, people have been trying to find ways to mask their body odor. Most people use deodorant from the time they reach puberty for the rest of their lives. Still, sometimes, people still do not feel like the deodorants they are using are effective. Maybe they are not, or maybe consumers want something that at least does the job better.

As a woman, with so many products marketed toward you, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of deodorants offered. Not only do they come in a variety of scents and levels, but there is also a variety of types. How do you know which to choose? Well, this guide has information on which types of deodorant are best.

Most women have used deodorant for the majority of their lives. The most familiar form is a stick deodorant that is rubbed underneath the arms. It is supposed to conceal any unpleasant smell that comes from body odors. When it comes to women’s deodorants particularly, they tend to have scents that are more feminine. In addition, some may come in milder formulas because women’s skin can be more sensitive, especially if they shave under their arms.

The Purpose of Deodorant for Women

Women sweat, too. Say that you are up for a job interview; you have to be prepared for stress sweat. Everyone knows that stress sweat tends to carry a stronger odor, one you don’t want your potential employer to catch onto. If you work out at the gym on a regular basis, you equally don’t want to go without deodorant. Most people need deodorant every day, for casual wear, for active wear and every event in between. Deodorant helps mask the body odor. Antiperspirants, which are common in most deodorants, help to block the sweat glands to keep you dry in the first place.

So, if everyone uses deodorant, what is the difference between men’s and women’s? Well, there isn’t a huge difference. The biggest difference is in the scents. Marketers use different strategies on men and women customers, but most have very similar ingredients and come in similar formulas. Every woman, however, is different. You may not sweat much, or you may sweat a lot. Deodorant preferences usually come from different needs.

What Are the Best Deodorants for Women?

It is hard to decide what the best deodorant for women is. With all of the brands available on the market, it is easier to separate it into types of deodorants. Every deodorant has its share of pros and cons. For the most part, it is up to you to decide which you like best. Here are a few of the basic types that you’ll find at your local department store or pharmacy.


Roll-on deodorants are easy to find. They usually come in a gel and will leave your skin feeling wet for a short time. They tend to have similar ingredients to sticks.

Stick Deodorant

Most people swear by stick deodorants. These are by far the most popular, and almost all brands have a version of stick deodorant. Generally, the sticks are made of oils, silicone and wax. While you can find invisible stick deodorants, some will apply white or easily mark your clothes.


Crystal deodorants are gaining more popularity as a natural alternative to stick deodorants. Made with mineral salts, they have natural microbial properties that make them great for odor protection. Be aware that some consumers did not find crystals as effective as sticks, sprays and roll-ons.


Like stick deodorant, many brands carry sprays. Sprays tend to dry quickly and have a stronger scent. In addition, if you need a discreet deodorant, sprays are not what you’re looking for.

So, which is the best? Most people prefer the sticks. They come in several different varieties with different ingredients. If you want options and you like the solid feeling of a stick, then that would be your best option and the one that most women choose. Not only does it come in the more popular brands like Secret, Degree and Dove, you can also find natural stick deodorants like Tom’s of Maine.

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