The 10 Best Careers For Women Who Want To Change The World 2020

A long time ago, the best careers for women used to be nurse, teacher, homemaker, or even daycare provider. While those careers hold their value and are viable choices to pursue, there are many more options that will suit women of every interest.

More important than simply having a career to make a living is having a career with a purpose. At the end of the day, everyone, whether male or female, wants to do something valuable in his or her life. They don’t want their careers to be tied solely to money or admiration. They want to make a difference.

There’s still a bit of a stigma when it comes to careers that make a difference. The big one is salary. Often these careers are tied to nonprofits, where the service or work being provided is free for the most part, and funding comes primarily through donors and the government. But you’ll see that our list of the best careers for women won’t leave you looking for a second job.

As you embark on your journey of attaining one of the best careers for women, you have to step back and evaluate what you want and why. This will call for some self-reflection. It’s important to remember that just because a career is noble and makes a difference, that doesn’t mean you’ll thrive in it. As with most things in life, careers are not one-size-fits-all. Each career, despite possibly being the best for you, comes with its unique challenges and you have to decide if the benefits of that career trump the challenges.

So how will you know you’ve found the best career for you? It comes down to activity, environment, values, and goals.

Activity is a big one. This is what you’ll generally do on a daily basis. That could be teaching art to young children or organizing a group of water conservation campaigners. Whatever it is, you have to have the drive and excitement to do the activity. For instance, if you’re not interested in public speaking, then being a politician won’t work for you in the long run—you’ll be out before you really get started.

Environment is another important issue. This is where you’ll spend most of your time in your career. Your work environment could be in one building, or in different buildings, landscapes, or even working remotely. Some people prefer flexibility—the chance to work wherever they want, as well as in different environments from time to time. Others like stability, being stationed in one place, where all their essential equipment and supplies are housed. There’s no good or bad environment, but the best one is that which you prefer.

Values and goals are closely related and might very well be the most important thing to think about. If the values and goals of the career you’re considering don’t align with yours, then it won’t work out in the long run, no matter how appealing it is at first. It’s likely you won’t be able to change those values and goals, especially if you don’t hold a high place in the organization, and it will be one frustrating nightmare you’ll waste a good amount of your life and time on. If there’s one thing to consider first in a career, it’s these two things.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing among the 10 best careers for women is whether the career actually supports women and the complexities their lives can take. Not all careers consider women’s unique situations, especially when it comes to family. Make sure whatever career you choose supports women taking leave to have children or care for children, and even flexibility to take time off when family emergencies occur.

And last is salary. Ultimately, if the salary can’t offer you a livable income, then as much as you may want the job, you won’t be able to take it unless you have another income to rely on or can take a second job. In regards to the second job, that could take joy away from your career if you have to worry about another job that’s likely unrelated and boring to you.

You’ll be happy to hear that the best careers for women are plentiful. But to find them you have to invest time in searching and asking about them. With our busy schedules, forging a new career path can be difficult. It helps to have a solid starting point to get your mind stirring or, even better, show you what that ideal career is.

So that’s what we’re doing in this article. Below, we’ll present and review ten of the best careers for women currently out there. We’ll provide detailed summaries of what those careers entail, including where you can expect to work and the general salary. We’ll leave you with our top choice out of the ten that’s not only a universal favorite, but one we recommend you look into.

The best careers for women are careers that will not only support women’s changing and fluctuating lives, but will offer a livable income, and importantly, a mission and goals that align with your own and fulfill a specific non-monetary purpose in your life.

The best time to pursue one of the best careers for women is really anywhere in adulthood. When one is in their 20s, it will be easier, due to fewer responsibilities and pressures, but there really is no right or wrong time when one is an adult. You can pursue any of these careers in the beginning of adulthood, in the middle, or later in life.

The top thing you must consider when pursuing the best careers for women is whether that career’s mission and goals align with yours. You also have to consider the salary and whether you can make a living on it, as well as the work environment and structure and whether it works with your lifestyle and responsibilities.

The biggest challenge, as with most careers, is getting started. Some of these careers will require an investment in time and money, such as going to school. Apart from school, there will also be networking—making connections with people already in the industry who can get your foot in the door. Finding those connections—and getting their attention as an unknown—can be difficult. In addition, you may have to make a name for yourself, which is not difficult to do with social media.

​The duration you stay in these careers will depend on personal choice and whether you work dependently or independently. You can expect to stay in most of these careers until you retire, and some until you no longer want to work.

We had fun putting together our list of the best careers for women. There are so many options out there that we had to narrow things down to a shorter list to get you thinking. The bulk of our research was done online, conducting searches of news websites, personal and career blogs, and even social media pages from business and lifestyle individuals and companies.

Factors we looked for in the careers we came across included whether they supported women and their changing lifestyles. Were these careers flexible to have throughout the year? We also considered salary and whether one could make a living with it, as well as how and where one could work.

The general pay for our selection of the ten best careers for women will be between $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

With that general range, one can definitely make a living today; however, this is just a ballpark amount. Many things can increase your salary significantly, such as your level of experience, the location you’re in, if your job is in high demand, the specific company or organization you work for, and if they have a sizable income to offer high salaries. Also, don’t forget that over time your salary can increase well beyond the typical cost-of-living raises as you improve your skills and knowledge.

  • ​Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • ​Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator
  • ​Social Worker
  • ​Politician
  • ​Volunteer Coordinator
  • ​Victim Advocate
  • ​Behavior Analyst
  • ​Teacher
  • ​Documentary Filmmaker
  • ​Urban Planner

In this career, you’ll assist women through all the stages of pregnancy, including childbirth. You can work alongside a doctor to help women who are also going through a serious illness, administering treatment and helping them recover. In addition to this, you’ll help them manage their health and that of their child through education and coordinating care.

  • ​Hospitals
  • ​Clinics
  • ​Patients’ homes
  • ​Doctors’ offices

​In this career, you’ll serve as an investigator, looking into companies to make sure they comply with the current equal employment opportunity laws. These laws ensure that everyone has a fair chance at being considered for a job.

  • ​Educational establishments
  • ​Government offices
  • ​Nonprofit organization offices
  • ​Financial offices
  • ​Business
  • ​Healthcare organizations
  • ​Transportation organizations

​In this career, you work with individuals and families to cope with social, situational, mental, and chemical problems they’re dealing with in their lives. The goal is to identify the problems and find resources and solutions so individuals and families can lead normal and productive lives.

  • ​Offices
  • ​Client Homes
  • ​Schools
  • ​Remote

​In this career, you’ll work to create, change, and pass laws that improve the society, and to a greater extent, the world. There are many levels and sectors you can work and focus on, so the area you seek to change will influence how you work. Many politicians spend their time meeting the individuals they’re passing such laws for and the companies and organizations that can administer them. At a larger level, they campaign to gain support.

  • ​Government offices
  • ​Educational establishments
  • ​Remote

​In this career, you encourage and manage a group of people to work together for a common cause. You’ll often set up events and manage communications with current volunteers, letting them know when help is needed. You may be in charge of event planning for volunteers and recipients, as well as the recruitment of new volunteers.

  • ​Nonprofit organization offices
  • ​Educational establishments
  • ​Remote

​In this career, you’ll serve as the victim’s guardian, being a resource for them when they need emergency care; basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and shelter; and even pertinent information such as mental and emotional help resources, navigating the justice system, and finding legal representation.

  • ​Police departments
  • ​Legal offices
  • ​​Social services offices
  • ​Courts
  • ​Hospitals
  • Shelters
  • ​Nonprofit organization offices

​In this career, you’ll help people improve their mental health by helping them cope with stress and be more conscious of their behavior and how they respond to people. You’ll apply your knowledge of behavior theory to help clients develop different techniques of addressing the stress and negativity in their lives. The result will be mentally-adjusted clients who know how to control their behavior.

  • ​Healthcare establishments
  • ​Educational establishments
  • ​Mental health clinics and centers
  • ​Public schools

​In this career, whether you’re teaching a group of seven-year-olds or college adults, you’ll shape, influence, and inspire the minds of many to go out and be something positive in the world. From a social level, you’ll encourage others to work together and deal with challenging situations, and from an instructional level, you’ll show others how to understand and function in the world around them.

  • ​K-12 schools
  • ​Colleges and universities
  • ​Day cares
  • ​Preschools

​In this career, you’ll inspire and change people’s minds by exposing them to important issues sometimes hidden from the larger public. You’ll be responsible for the entire production of a documentary film, from idea and script to raising money and support, and even setting up interviews and getting actors. And of course, you’d be directing the entire project.

  • ​Remote
  • ​Television Stations/Networks
  • ​On Location

​In this career, you’ll work independently with public and private groups, including government organizations, to draft plans for how land and space will be used. In these plans, you’ll consider economic and environmental factors, and population outlook.

  • ​Utility companies
  • ​Law firms
  • ​Real estate offices
  • ​Consulting firms

It’s possible you’ll find yourself loving more than one career, even from our best careers for women selection. And sometimes you won’t know which one is right for you until you actually work in that career for some time. However, there are some things you can do to save yourself time, especially years, being in the wrong career.

First, take a moment to reflect on what matters to you in life and see which careers have elements of your values in them.

Second, spend a little time researching the career to learn more about what a typical day, month, and even year is like working in that career. Compare the pros and cons and determine which one holds more weight for you.

Third, see if the logistics are there to actually have the career. If the salary is too low, it might present some challenges for you; however, if you can and are willing to take a second job for your dream career, then don’t let salary stop you.

Fourth, volunteer or job shadow someone in that career, if possible. That way you can get your foot in the door and make contacts, and most importantly, determine firsthand if this is the right career and environment for you.

While we suggest you take the steps above to ensure you find the right career, we want to leave you will our top recommendation that serves as a starting point for many and might very well be the career you didn’t know was the best for you. That one career is teaching.There will always be a need for teachers, so you can have confidence that your career will always be in demand. Before we get to the biggest appeal of this career, we’ll mention other notable things about it, such as the pay. The median salary is around $45,000, which in today’s economy will allow you to focus on one career while making a living. The environment is flexible in that, depending on your discipline, you could work in a classroom, playroom, art studio, or even in various environments, indoors and out.

Perhaps most importantly, the mission is easy to find in this career. As a teacher, whatever matters to you can be taught, whether it’s art, fitness, social justice, or astronomy. There’s no subject that doesn’t need teachers. All it takes is passion and a sincere interest to teach others what you know. And with today’s variety of mediums where people can learn, you may find that you’re not even leaving your house to teach millions of people around the world.

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