Sometimes, the biggest breakthroughs in business are not accomplished by the numbers, but by intuitive decision-making.

What is intuitive decision-making? It is making decisions from your gut instinct.

Sure, performing deep analyses of market conditions and reviewing the numbers is important in strategic planning.

But sometimes, you just need to throw all the numbers out the window and lead from your gut.

This may sound like it’s easy for women – after all, aren’t we supposed to be “naturals” at this sort of thing? But we cannot assume that just because someone is female they automatically know how to make intuitive decisions.

Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Fortunately, you can learn how to do it.

5 Ways to Practice Intuitive Decision-Making

If you want to learn how to make intuitive decisions or get better at it, try these tips:

1. Start with Small Decisions

First, you don’t need to immediately apply intuitive decision-making to the most major decisions you have to make. You can start small. Try to go with your gut on a decision that doesn’t have big consequences, so you can gain confidence. Notice what works and what doesn’t.

2. You Can Still “Go by the Numbers”

All of those numbers and statistics you collected can still be useful. Just don’t be ruled by them. Ideally, you will learn how to make decisions intuitively and then back up those decisions with the numbers.

Remember, numbers can’t really point you in a very specific direction. They can give you an idea of where your business stands, but numbers aren’t creative or innovative. So, don’t let numbers be a crutch. They should be a support instead.

3. Take Some Moments to Pause and Reflect

It is hard to make intuitive decisions if you are go, go, going all the time with no breaks. The intuitive part of your mind needs some space in order to make connections that you can’t consciously see.

So, take a break, go for a walk, or breathe in a few full deep breaths. This will help in your intuitive-decision making.

4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up for “Getting it Wrong”

Sometimes, you will make the “wrong” decision when working intuitively. Don’t be discouraged and think you can’t ever trust your gut again. We are human, and we will make mistakes. You might have made the same mistake if you had worked analytically.

Things shift in ways we don’t expect, we get our messages slightly confused, or we just get a little ahead of ourselves.  See if you can turn the failure into an opportunity.

5. Keep Track of Your Wins

The more you track your successes, the more confidence you will gain. After some time, intuitive decision-making will simply become second nature.

You Can Make Smart, Bold Decisions in Business

Practice your gut-level decision making so you’ll get better at it. You may soon find yourself able to make amazing, gutsy calls, all because you learned to trust yourself and that inner voice within.

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