When you think of famous women personalities, which ones inspire you?

Hopefully, many women came to mind, and not just the ones who grace the silver screen or sing in modern pop songs.

We live in a media and entertainment-dominated culture.

Certainly, we can look to amazing actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Helen Mirren, and Dame Judi Dench as inspirational.  We can admire Madonna’s grit and Barbra Streisand’s soaring voice. We can love the amazing story behind Susan Boyle’s unlikely success. We can look to Oprah Winfrey for hope and elevation.

Let’s also not forget the women outside of entertainment.

Other inspiring women (and girls) include Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Mother Theresa, Indira Gandhi, Marie Curie, Hellen Keller, Florence Nightingale, and Rosa Parks.

5 Types of Empowered Women We Want to Get to Know

Think about the women in your life who are encouraging and amazing. Many of the most wonderful women in the world may never be in the news or have their own studio album.

But we can certainly look to them, and other women, as inspiration.

What other types of women inspire you?

Here are some categories:

1. Women in Business

Women have made incredible contributions to the world of business and are continuing to innovate. For example, Sheryl Sandberg has made her impact as the COO of Facebook.

Of course, let us not forget the everyday women business owners who work from home, often taking care of their families while running their online mom-and-pop shop.

2. The Richest Women in the World

Money isn’t everything, for sure, but money does equate to power in our modern world.

Women with money, like J.K. Rowling, whose net worth is $1 billion, have major influence and make a difference in the world.

3. Women in Science and Technology

Women have made important contributions in science and technology, even though, in the early days, they were often ignored or suppressed.

For example, Mary Anning was a British self-taught paleontologist who made numerous fossil discoveries. However, she was not allowed to present her work to the Geological Society of London due to her sex.

4. Women in History

Many fascinating women of yesteryear had major impacts not just on society or trends, but on the fate of nations.

From Joan of Arc to Queen Elizabeth I, women have been major forces in the world – despite the many restrictions on women.

5. Women in the Arts

Beyond the modern entertainment industry, women have been influential in the arts for centuries.

From Hildegard von Bingen’s amazing Gregorian chants to Fanny Mendelssohn (sister of the more-famous Felix), women have contributed to music.

Writers from Jane Austen to the Bronte Sisters to Toni Morrison have made great contributions to literature.

Inspiring, Empowering Women Are Everywhere

You don’t necessarily need to turn on your television to find examples of inspiring women or famous women personalities.

You might know some great women – your friends and your family.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are also an amazing, inspiring woman yourself.

At Empower Me, we want to encourage you to live your dreams and be an inspiration to the women and girls around you.

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