In looking through certain women’s magazines, you might notice their idea of “women empowerment” seems to be boiled down into shallow pursuits involving fashion and romance.

As a woman looking to empower yourself and improve your life, you are probably looking for more than “5 Ways to Please Your Man.”

What does it mean to be an empowered woman and live an empowered life?

You want to do more in your life than just kill time in front of the television. Once in a while, some binge watching of “Game of Thrones” might be in order, but a whole world is outside waiting for you to explore.

As an empowered woman, you know that the world is not just your oyster, but a diverse field of possibilities open for business.

5 Ways to Live an Empowered Life Worth Living

What does empowered living mean to you as a modern woman?

It will be different for everyone.

For some, the empowered life will be about excelling at launching a new business. For others, it will be more personal, intimate, or even spiritual.

Perhaps you want to embrace a broad perspective and empower all aspects of your life, not just work or relationships.

1. Self-Improvement

Self-help can be the butt of many jokes, but learning how to be a better “you” is one of the first foundational keys to empowered living. Self-improvement for women can make a huge difference in quality of life as well as enjoyment.

2. Organization and Time Management

Perhaps it’s a bit mundane, but the better we are able to organize our lives and manage our time, the more empowered we can be in our lives.

From organizing systems designed to tame clutter, to time management practices such as David Allen’s Getting Things Done, productivity can really improve your life.

3. Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is related somewhat to time management, but this goes a bit further. Here, we are looking at where our priorities are. This can involve tough choices. For example, do we want to focus on career or stay at home with our children first?

4. Passion and Purpose

What is it that you are truly passionate about? What is your life purpose? Are you not sure? Exploring your purpose or current mission for being here on the planet can be incredibly rewarding, inspiring, and life-changing.

5. Travel, Adventure, and Fun

All work and no play will make Jane a dull girl. Taking some time for travel, vacations, and hobbies makes for a full, well-rounded life.

Adventure means different things to different women.

Perhaps you want to literally climb mountains or navigate through underground caverns as a spelunker. Or, maybe your idea of a fun adventure is to try some of the new restaurants in town.

Whatever it is, make your life interesting and enjoyable by trying new things.

Beyond Standard Women’s Magazines

Here at Empowered Me, we go beyond the trivial stuff found in some (not all) women’s magazines.

Whether you want to focus on self-improvement, managing your life better, developing a clearer picture of your life purpose, or trying out a new adventure, we’re here for you.

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