Whether you are a woman running your own business or working for someone else, career empowerment for women is an important topic.

Your career isn’t just what puts food on the table.

A job is something you do for money. A career is ideally a path that leverages your talents, interests, and skills to provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment while you are putting food on the table.

Navigating career pathways can be difficult, but ultimately, once you find the right path, it’s highly rewarding.

The key is to set your sights on a goal and don’t give up.

Fortunately, women can get a lot of help and support from other women.

You can often find local women’s networking groups in your area, as well as online forums and groups to participate in.

6 Different Career Phases for Women

During your life, you may find yourself in various career phases as a woman. Each presents its own challenges as well as opportunities. You may have found yourself at these various points already in your life, or perhaps you are just entering into a new phase.

1. Just Starting Out

Perhaps you’ve just finished school and are about to look for your first “real” job, ever. Maybe you are already in an entry-level job and considering your options for future growth. This time of life can be very exciting, as you have your whole life ahead of you and a lot of options.

Just remember: You aren’t tied to anything. You can (and probably will) shift your career focus down the line.

2. Re-Entering the Labor Force

For many women, one of the biggest career challenges they will face is re-entering the job market after an extended absence. This is often the case for women who chose to stay at home to raise children.

Some women went straight from school to being a stay-at-home mom, which is even more challenging when looking for a job.

Fortunately, many women have successfully transitioned from being housewives and full-time moms to having thriving careers later in life.

3. Changing Careers

Career changes for women can be complex and challenging. Are you looking for more space in your life? More creativity? Do you need to go back to school to complete your career change?

Changing careers can be scary and require some financial sacrifice at first.

However, if you are burned out, hate your job, and yearn for something different, now is the time to look at a career change.

4. Taking It to the Next Level

You have achieved a certain level of success at your job. Now, you want to rise in the ranks and gain more responsibility and clout. This is where many women reach and hit the glass ceiling.

If you are lucky, you will break through that ceiling – but it might take some time.

In many respects, this can be the most difficult and frustrating time for career women. More than ever, you will need support, resilience, and determination to get to the next level.

5. At the Top and Paying It Forward

You have made it to the top. Now you can “pay it forward” by helping mentor and support junior women employees and students. This is a great way to help other women and gain more fulfillment and joy.

6. Going Your Own Way

Women entrepreneurs can range from work-at-home moms (WAHMs) to solopreneurs to businesswomen seeking funding a major start-up.

Having your own business gives you ultimate control.

There is no glass ceiling to break because you can be the CEO if your own company. Being a business owner can be challenging but it’s exciting and very satisfying.

Supporting Women in Their Careers

Empower Me supports career empowerment for women through our articles, online community, and inspirational support.

We want you to succeed and be thriving, happy, successful women who are taking the world by storm.

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